The Strategy of Marketing Tricks on YouTube

There are various features in the internet and social media. In this modern era, there are various development of technology especially internet. Currently, internet can be access all of circles from children, teenagers and adults. Children prefer to use internet to play game online, or watch fairytale movie in YouTube. Teenagers and adults prefer to chat in social media like WhatsApp, WeChat, Instagram, line, twitter, facebook, path, snap chat, BBM, have blog and create the online business. In this era, you can create the business without have the shop. You can utilize social media and site to do business which often people called online shop or you can make video in YouTube. YouTube is in modern era which is site that you can explore yourself and you can get income. YouTube includes the popular sites. YouTube can be access in the Smartphone or your computer. In the YouTube, you can search various music video, tutorial, movie and etc. In this modern era, a lot of persons utilize YouTube to create income. They upload their product, their movie, their music, and their VLOG.

VLOG is video blog. There are a lot of content that you can publish in YouTube like Bayu Skak. Bayu Skak utilizes YouTube to publish fun comedy based on the daily life and they get income based on visitor who search and look his VLOG in YouTube or you can practice your skill like Hijab tutorial, Makeup tutorial and you can publish in the your YouTube channel. You can get the income based the viewer or visitor who search and look your YouTube channel. Besides, you can use it to promote the product, play online business like Google Adsense, play affiliate and etc. Actually, many persons use YouTube only to amuse. To get income by YouTube, you must learn about marketing tricks on YouTube. The first, you make account in YouTube. Enroll your email from Google (Gmail) or you can log in if you have it. Open the site Then, you make the channel to your account. Click link “My Channel” .

Second, upload the video regularly. YouTube want the cooperation in the long time by the client and YouTube is very appreciate them who are regular to upload the new video. Third, ensure your video which does not contravene copyright. Fourth, increase popularity your YouTube channel by upload useful video regularly, interesting video, and good quality. You should upload the video by good resolution and clear appearance. If you make video by slide and voice over by PowerPoint or keynote.