The best, effective and efficient Search Engine Optimization of the website is every blogger’s goal. The SEO is the technique by which any search engine ranks the website in the order. This order of websites may be positive or negative depending upon the effective SEO of the website. A website having a professional SEO done will be ranked high in the search list done by the search engine. This was all about what really the SEO do.

Now, moving towards the special techniques that boost up the SEO of your website, the first thing that is highly responsible is the Domain name of the website. If the searched keyword is found in the domain name (URL address) of your website, this is gonna be the first factor of a positive ranking of your website.

Well, there’s a lot to discuss on this topic but the main thing that we’re gonna tell you is the SEO of your website through the Social Website. You won’t believe this that Google uses over 200 algorithms to rank the websites. One of the Google algorithms searches for the social media networks i.e. Facebook and Twitter, to know if there exist any account or page or not. If it finds a page of that website on Facebook and an account on Twitter, then there will be a plus point in the ranking of that website. So, the social media practices are one of the major factors that boost up the ranking of a website.


By increasing the followers on your website’s Facebook and Twitter account, you’ll have a positive ranking in Google’s Terms and Condition. This attempt will surely have a positive effect on your website ranking.

There are lots of methods to gain fake likes and fake followers, but we’ll not recommend you to do that practice as dodging the Google will not be easy because it has over 200 different algorithms working continuously to rank and de-rank the websites. The Google will surely have hands on you and if found doing such illegal increment of your followers, your website may get restricted or blocked. So, don’t even think about it!


Sharing the appropriate content that completely covers your website’s short description and the services that you provide, will confidently and surely help you boost your SEO as well as the sale of your services because more and more people will attract towards your website. We have seen many people sharing only their website link without any content. We recommend not to do such a lazy act as it will not gonna attract people to their site. Make your posts looks more attractive and engaging. Ask a tricky question or a fun fact that will attract the people’s attention, then PROFESSIONALLY add website link along with that post.

External Links:

Keep in mind, your goal is to make a positive position in Google’s eye, I mean ranking. As the backlinks work inside the website’s content, in the same fashion, the external links in your website’s Facebook Page or Twitter’s account will surely work the same.

These techniques, if properly followed, will be helpful in boosting up your website using social media sites.