Great Ideas Of Marketing Campaign By Creative Campaign

A lot of people are evolving their business. Development of technology helps the people that start to do their own business. In this era, a lot of persons are difficult to get the job as officer, civil employee, lawyer, and etc. There is a lot rivalry to search the job but that is not balance with job vacancy and capacity of the job. There are many scholars that do not get the job. So, a lot of persons create the job to their own self. They start to do business. The development of internet is very helpful. They can do promotion by social media, site, and marketing campaign to improve income and selling.

Marketing campaign often considered expensive because it need many budget. But, there are great ideas of marketing campaign by creative ways and of course it is cheap. The first is Social media marketing campaign. Social media is considered effective media to increase income and one of great idea of marketing campaign. You can create a contest by social media. It is very effective to get attention from public. You can utilize Wishpond site. This site offer marketing campaign in the social media. By Wishpond site, you will get more respond and cheap cost. You can do promotion activity through contest and advertisement in facebook and twitter. By this way, you can get the traffic to the business site, build brand awareness, add the followers or fans get the potential leads and etc. Besides, you can post introduction of your new product and the benefits. Send the picture from the best seller to the facebook wall, tweet in the various promotion event and write about the development of your product in the blog.

Second, before you do the promotion by marketing campaign, you should give attention about your product. You must know what the product that you offer, what the product that you do promotion, what the suitable product, can you get sample product early to make the description of product, and what do you have enough money to do purchasing in the big amount from the supplier to avoid empty stock risk. The point is planning in the before month. If you only want do seasonal campaign marketing the example is on December, you must start do the planning on June. When you order the product, consider appeal impact from integrate marketing campaign that you do.

Third, you create the theme and message in your marketing campaign. The themes are like fashion style, design, and etc. Besides that, you can make the banner promotion and banner selling. You can make banner promotion in various sizes to consolidate the theme. Don’t forget to apply the picture of product. To banner selling, use special products or discount. The fourth is landing page. Make landing page to campaign email and campaign pay per click (PPC). Make a lot of landing page in order to examine effective landing page. The last, PPC campaign (Pay per Click). The customer like new product and they are happy by creative campaign, Ensure your campaign in the appropriate page based the keywords and the advertisement that is used.