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Starting a Business Online

Here at online article search we like to talk about two types of people in this world.   There are those types of people who really just wait for an opportunity to come there way than you have those that go and get that opportunity.  We like to read many online articles of entrepreneurs who take action and go after their dreams.

Some of these people are Phil Rush, Josh Paiva, Lisa Doyle, Doran Andry and other marketers who made their dreams a reality.  They didn’t end up at some job and had no intention of that.  Minuscule tasks are not in their make up.  They are willing to risk it all to get that end goal.

They are what we like to call the second set of people.  The dreamers.  The shakers.  The hustlers.  The workers.  The go getters.  They make their own luck sort of speak and they never stop making like.  They are those type that become 500 SEO types and make a lot of money in different business models.

They didn’t just take some boring life that was handed to them and say.  Ok this is it.  I guess I’ll just do this for the next 40 years.

starting a business online

Remember there is a huge difference between these different sets of people.  It really just comes down to this.  They don’t believe in the word fear.  It’s not in their vocabulary.  Remember this and you will find this in many online articles because it’s a very popular quote.  The only fear you should have in life is fear itself because it’s what holds everyone back.  You have to be willing to go after your dreams and goals in life if you want to turn out successful.

Every single successful person you will ever meet has conditioned their mind to think this way.  They think that anything they go after in life they are going to get.  Always remember that success is often just a results of not being afraid to accomplish anything that you really want to because all is possible.

Here is a very powerful video from none other than Anthony Robbins.

Many people that you see around the internet like Josh Paiva, Todd Falcone, Rand Fishkin and other have programmed their mind over and over to think like this.  You can’t put blame on others and say things like they were a product of circumstance and that’s why they were lucky.

You are really your own driving engine and you are the only person that can put the breaks on.  You determine your own fate and nobody else can do that for you.  There are some really good websites where you can read about these sort of people.  We here at online article search will be putting that content out soon.

There are many billionaires.  Really a huge laundry list of successful people who started with zero dollars and really zero connections to get where they wanted to go.  People like Bill Gates, Sam Walton, Larry Ellison, Howard Schultz and many many more people.

You can even take a small business owner like Josh Paiva who has been working on the internet for a while now.  I want to say he’s been in network marketing since 2002 and started online few years later.  He’s become very successful working with guys like Todd Falcone, Jim Lewis, and others to build his company.  He is now full time and travels the world.

So it’s not about making billions.  You can be a small business owner and do very well for yourself.  Quit the job and live the laptop lifestyle from the comfort of your home.

People who started social media companies like Facebook or Reddit. They started with nothing so how did they become billionaires and accomplish so much in this life?  Hard work.  It’s not an overnight process it’s a very gradual process.  It’s thousands of hours and endless work really in the beginning.

Take someone like Paul Mitchell for example.  He had almost no money when he started his hair company.  All he had was a dream and a lot of dream stealers.  He was basically broke with and homeless.  So how come he was able to go on and make a billion dollar company when everyone was laughing at him?

All he had was some ridiculous idea.  Well this man was willing to put everything on the line no matter what others had to say to turn his dream into reality.  Something very very powerful.  And as most of you know he went on to become a billionaire with his hair products.

I could go on and on story after story about people that came from nothing.  They had no connections.  They were broke and destitute in most situations but they went on to make millions some even billions.  Some of your most successful business people out there this is the case.  People like John Chow, Jeff Bullas, Josh Paiva didn’t like these things top them.

Also remember they don’t stop even when they reach the goal.  It’s about achieving more.  When you come from nothing there is not stop in you.  You keep pushing even after success.  It’s about never being satisfied.  Never ever be satisfied.

starting a business online

Remember as you build your online business or whatever work from home business you are working on you’re going to stumble.  You are going to hit walls that want to stop you from pushing forward.  These are what we like to refer to as dream killers.  They are out there.  Many of them in full force.  Just waiting to steal your dreams and ambition.  Most want to see you fail because they have nothing going in their own lives.  They are living a miserable life with nothing more then a job and paying bills going for them.

They are out there in drones.  They just want to laugh and make fun and tell you it can’t be done.  So it’s your job and your work to prove these people wrong.  There is no stopping you.  There is no quitting until your dreams are met.  This is what will signify how bad you want something.

Always remember anything worthwhile has never been built in one night.  It comes down to seeing your idea through and working until you get there.  There are always those people that point the finger.  But in reality it’s up to you.  You will see dream stealers every place you go.  They come in form of your family, friends, teachers and so on.  You have to make choices every day in your life to beat the odds.  Don’t let these people stop you and your goals.  Choose wisely who you choose to spend your time with.  Go out there with passion.  Believe in yourself.  How far is it going to take you?

Future business owners, CEO of companies, Mayors, Presidents, five star generals.  It’s all possible for you.  You have to go out and get it.  Are you willing to make these sacrifices?  Hope you enjoyed reading are new article here online article search.  Stop by soon to read more personal development, business news, and motivational stuff in the future!